Helen's Meditations


You have a quite a few options to choose from if meditation is your thing. 

Meditations, Guided Visualisations & Exercises to accompany our books

To accompany 'The Power In Your Hands', and both 'Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbooks'. 

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Meditation Bundles

Unusual, powerful, & transformative. Combining NLP & ASMR techniques, with binaural recording and many more skills, Helen's meditation bundles have gone down a (zen) storm.

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New & Exclusive Meditations Every Month With Helen's App

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Meditations, guided visualisations and exercises on audio are available to complement the Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook Collection and The Power In Your Hands.  You can download our meditations now using the widgets below.


Worksheets, guides and handouts for a number of our books are available for you via our ‘Readers’ Resources’ area. When you register there is an option to purchase the MP3 tracks at a special rate. (Once registered you will be taken to a password protected site, you will find the offer on our welcome page.) Plus you only have to register once for access to resources from all Spreading The Magic books.

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