Intuition 101

Kick Start Your Intuition!

Do You Always Listen To Your Intuition?
Worried That It Might Have Deserted You?
If You Would Like To Re-connect, Discover or Learn To Listen To Your Intuition ... 

Now you can kick start your intuition with Intuition 101 A short online course to get you and your intuition talking again!

INTUITION 101 is a 7 week course of lessons, or workouts where you can learn to work with and develop your intuition. Here's an idea of what's covered...

  • The Language Of Your Intuition - how it communicates with you & how to interpret what it says.
  • Turn Up The Volume - methods to quieten your mind and to turn up the volume on your quiet little inner voice.
  • Increase Your Sensitivity - Extend your senses & awareness, and discover different ways your intuition can communicate.
  • Develop Belief & Trust In Your Intuitive Nudges
  • & there's some extras thrown in for good measure

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The Psychic Gym

helping you to flex your psychic & intuitive muscles

A 12 week programme of workouts delivered online including video tutorials with Helen...

  • The workouts start with the basics and are designed to build week-on-week to increase your skills, experiences and confidence
  • Exercises, homework and additional activities
  • Learn about new subjects
  • Develop your intuitive side
  • Control your psychic side

You will also receive

+ your own (actual, through-the-post) workbook 

+ MP3 downloads

LIVE SUPPORT with an EXCLUSIVE Facebook Forum

+ Other exclusive bonuses

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Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

7 Steps To A Clearer More Focussed Mind

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In her new interactive ebook, Helen shares her 7 secrets to keeping calm, clearing your mind and getting stuff done! "Let me help you take a 'time-out' and give you the tools you need to help calm, re-focus and clear your mind." 

This is a must read for you if... 

  • Your life is REALLY busy 
  • You're juggling loads of jobs and attempting to multi task 
  • You're constantly bombarded with messages, requests, & things to do for others 
  • You have loads to do but don't know where to start 
  • You always seem to be putting others before yourself 
  • You want to get stuff done 
  • Life feels like hard work 
  • You want to get back in the flow and connect with your intuition

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12 month coaching and personal development plan

Whether you want to CHANGE THE WORLD or just your little part of it, my 12 month coaching programme, ‘Aligned’ will help you do just that.

A phenomenal 12 month programme that will see you take control, change your life, find your way.

Be your own guru – at the end of this year you will have all the skills, tips & tricks and support you need to be the best version of you possible -on track, in flow and on purpose. You will need no guru other than yourself.

This coaching programme includes:

  • Monthly training webinars
  • Monthly group Q&A  / coaching )
  • 2 weekend coaching retreats at a spa hotel (accommodation & food included)
  • 2 V.I.P. private suppers
  • and more

£6997  £3476 (no vat) Special Launch Offer

Starts 1st May

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Inner Circle Membership

Including Amethyst Level App

Want To Feel More Inspired, Guided, Purposeful & In Flow With Life?
With such busy lives it’s natural to feel exhausted.
We juggle life, we’re pulled in every direction, and we feel guilty whatever we do.
Despite this busy-ness we often feel like something is missing.

If, like me, you’d rather feel energised, connected and fulfilled, then Join My Inner Circle and get back on track. Or perhaps, on track for the first time.

Here is what you get with My Inner Circle Membership:

  • Receive a Monthly podcast focusing on spirituality, philosophy and a bit of the weird & wonderful too. Plus I'll be interviewing knowledgable and inspiring experts.
  • Premium (Amethyst) app access 
    • Inspired Daily Guidance Messages support you every step of life’s journey, remind you you’re not alone, and help you access the true power of possibility. Each and every day you’ll receive insightful guidance to help you reconnect with your truest self.
    • You will also receive my latest articles on spirituality, meditation, intuition, energy work and living a purposeful life. I have a practical down to earth attitude, so it’s not all airy-fairy and crystal balls. Believe me, energy, clarity and purpose can be yours.
    • Access all of my podcasts from your app
    • And scroll back through archived podcasts and listen to those too
  • Exclusive meditations to help you relax, connect, be more 'zen' and more.
  • An Online forum where you can post questions, and share experiences with the rest of my Inner Circle.
  • PLUS  - Join me for a Monthly Webinar including a Q&A session where you can submit some of the esoteric questions that are bugging you.

Imagine living more in flow with life, and being able to trust that the universe has our back every step, fully believing that beauty and serendipity are all around us, all of the time. 

It’s time to reconnect, with ourselves, with each other, with life, and with the universe – or whatever you would like to call that huge energy out there. Yes, sometimes it seems to send hurdles, challenges and curve balls, but at other times it feels like it’s totally on our side, sending the right people at the right times, as if by magic. 

Wouldn’t you love to have more of the magic and less of the hurdles. Wouldn’t you LOVE to feel inspired, guided and fulfilled every day. With this app you can achieve all this and more

Welcome to the Inner Circle

Join now and secure our Early Adopters Rate. 

With a value of £27 a month, I am offering you FULL INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP including the Amethyst Version of my App for just £9.99 a month, or a one-off £99 for the year.

That's like 12 months for the price of 4. (Prices also available in Euros or U.S. Dollars)

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